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Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery

Business continuity planning and disaster recovery planning are fundamental to the well being of an organization. Clearly, they are intended to ensure continuity in the face of unforseen or difficult circumstances.

Planning for these situations is not always straight forward of course, and neither is identifying suitable sources of information, services and products. The requisite planning tasks themselves can also be challenging.... none more so than the building of the plan itself.

The Business Continuity Directory will offer guidance in many of these areas. Not only through the provision of information and guidelines, but via the identification of suitable tools and suppliers.

A disaster recovery or business continuity plan is ESSENTIAL to protect the well being of any organization. Although this cannot really be over emphasized, so many organizations still side step the issue, or have plans which are out of date or just unworkable.

There are a number of reasons for this, including complexity, and of course the fact that some vendors sell planning products which are themselves very difficult to manage. The recent trend though is to seek simplicty and good productivity in the planning process: to create the plan directly using a quality template and good supporting guides and forms.

Leading this change is the well known BCP Generator. This is very comprehensive yet straight forward. It uses a full template and an 'interactive' guide to explain each part of the plan. The macros in the guide will even jump you to the correct template section as and when required!

business continuity plan Read more about the BCP Generator Here.

Policies underpin an organizations whole approach to business continuity. They determine the fundamental practices and culture throughout the enterprise with respect to disaster recovery.

A comprehensive (and ISO 17799 compliant) set of pre-written disaster recovery and information security policies are now available. For further information click: here.

business continuity policies Alternatively, they can be obtained from here for unlimited use within your organization

The bottom line, however, is to ensure that unambiguous disciplines exist, essentially a framework, to ensure that sound continuity practices are adopted and maintained throughout the organization.

A number of resources and aids exist to assist in planning and preparing for disaster. The following sections may be of use:

This is an interesting resource designed to help you audit your contingency arrangements and business continuity plan (if you have one in place).

It consists of questionniares, checklists and a range of other materials and items.

Further information: Here

The online bookstore for disaster recovery & business continuity materials is now open

Business Continuity is a complex process, often requiring specialist skills and disciplines.

Through their comprehensive contingency planning services, CCCL guide and assist clients with their Business Continuity Plans (BCP) from inception to production and beyond.

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Risk analysis (and business impact analysis) is fundamental to the process of ensuring a sound business continuity and disaster recovery plan.

Understanding the potential impacts of major disaster scenarios, and establishing the risks that could result in such scenarios, is the first major step to ensuring the plan meets the real needs of the organisation.

We are pleased to present an introduction to both these essential disciplines.

security risk analysis For a detailed introduction to security risk analysis and the COBRA method and tool, visit Security Risk Analysis World.

This section contains resources and samples contributed by readers of the Business Continuity Directory

View some sample pages from the Business Continuity Plan Generator described above

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