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Updating the content and maintenance of your website, keeping your site active for your future clients. We keep an eye on changes in web trends and the performance of your website. We provide performance reports of your website and make the modifications you need, from a new content page to a new design of your complete portal.

Why do you need this service?

For your site to be successful and increase your profits it needs to be constantly managed and updated. Many times the owners of small and large companies do not have enough time to update and maintain their website.

To compensate for the lack of time, it has become customary to create a team within the company that is responsible for updating and maintaining the site. Business Continuity Digital World offers you a cheaper alternative and in turn with better results by outsourcing this section and allowing us to manage and update your website.

We have a team of professionals (Content Managers, Developers, Designers, Visitor Behavior Analysts) focused on making your website emerge and achieve the desired position. By updating its sections and content.

Why choose us?

Some of the reasons for choosing us:

  • Complete development of your website
    • We make exclusive and quality web designs for your business, using your business logo and graphic line as a reference. You have the option of providing us with photos for the site or using our image bank
  • Passion for quality web designs
    • We adapt to current design and programming trends. Each of our websites reflects not only the graphic line of our clients but also the world design trends that, according to studies, improve customer acquisition. Meet our portfolio (Click Here)
  • Multi browser and multi platforms
    • New sizes of computers, new cell phones every day, televisions with internet browsers to white line equipment with internet access! With all that tray of equipment, your website must be able to be seen correctly in each one of them, we make this possible.
  • Technical Maintenance and Support
    • Weekly our team will review and provide support to your website, trying to maintain the good quality of the website in an efficient and effective way.
  • Content update
    • Periodically our team will update the content of your website (Blogs, News, Banners, Ads).
  • Weekly reports
    • Weekly we will send you by email the summary of statistics of your website, indicating the number of people who accessed, content most viewed by users, among others.
  • SEO Maintenance (For search engine ranking)
    • Our system is developed to have the best efficiency in search engines like Google, in the same way within our maintenance we do SEO (Search Engine Optimization) audits to ensure the good indexing of your website.

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