Email Marketing Campaigns

Electronic newsletters are a way to create a group of followers to whom you can send continuous information, offers, promotions or the communication that you need to transmit via email and be confident that a high percentage of your readers will want to know more about your product.

Business Continuity Digital World offers the service of preparation and distribution of these electronic newsletters, simply, quickly and efficiently.


  • Design and development of newsletters via email, using world standards and following guidelines so that your mail reaches and impacts your potential client.

Distribution and Statistics

  • Creation of your customer database
    - It can be imported from a list that the client
    - Can be created from a form on your website
    - You will not use our private database
    - Registered members will have the option of leaving the list, and cannot be added again, unless they wish to do so
  • Mass Shipping
    - Sending the email newsletter directly to the inbox of your mailing list
    - Shipping following international standards to ensure that it reaches the largest number of users directly to their inbox and not to their spam mailbox.
  • Statistics Report
    - Report of the complete analysis of the shipment made
    - How many people opened it
    - How many people did not receive it
    - How many people no longer use that email

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