Advertising on Google, Facebook and Instagram

Today the use of the internet is practically essential to carry out daily tasks. Websites, blogs, social networks, videos, music, in short, a whole world of virtual content being accessed by millions of people every minute.

Some statistics of what happens every minute on the Internet (According to Buzzfeed report in mid-2013)
In the next minute they will see:

  • 2,000,000 Google searches
  • 27,800 photos will be uploaded to instagram
  • Facebook will have 1,875,000 new likes
  • There will be 278 thousand new twitts
  • 204,000,000 emails will be sent
  • 100 Hours of Videos will be uploaded to Youtube
  • 2,780,000 Videos will be seen on Youtube

With all this massive amount of people browsing every minute, the opportunity appears to make them see, notice and know your product or service. This is possible thanks to online advertising tools such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

Business Continuity Digital World is responsible for creating all the materials you need to put together your digital marketing strategy:

  • Preparation of advertising banners
  • Inclusion of banners and advertisements on the most popular advertising platforms
  • Report and analysis of advertising.

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