Monitoring and reporting of weekly visits

By having your website online, with the adequate and updated information, it is extremely important to know how many people visit it, what content they see and where they come from to confirm if the promotion and strategy you are carrying out is effective.

Business Continuity Digital World collects this information, analyzes it and makes a comprehensive report to give you a clearer view of where your site is right now.

This report includes information on visits and analysis of web position, so that you have adequate information on who, how and where are the visits that circulate through your website.

As part of the report, the analysis of the position, impact and scope of the website, composed of:

  • Analysis for Search Engines (SEO) for Google and others (In order for your website to be found in search engines, the site must follow some established rules. Failure to do so will affect your position.)
  • Analysis of the position on specific issues. (Position by country and Position by category)
  • New Ideas or concepts to apply on your site to increase traffic
  • Collection of Visitor Information
  • Monthly Report of Visits and Position

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