How to generate new clients in digital media?

Generating new customers is a relatively easy task as long as you follow the correct steps. These steps have had variations over the years but they always have the same essence, so if you follow them you will notice benefits in your business.


You need to have a web page with a contact form or a landing page with a clear sales message so that leads (potential customers) can contact you.

You must have active social networks. You do not need to have millions of followers, but an account that you update periodically and that generates valuable content to your potential clients.


Select who is your ideal customer. Who is your product for? The guidelines in social networks today allow us to carry out specific segmentations.

Example: If you are a wedding planner, your product is mainly aimed at people who are about to get married. With this specification you can create a digital guideline focused on people who have just committed, this will make your guideline only appear to this audience, increasing the possibility of getting new clients.


In recent months, Instagram has had very good results in the digital market, so we will do the example with this network (Instagram / Facebook).

Create an Instagram / Facebook campaign with at least two striking photos and texts with a clear call to action, focused on the audience you selected in the previous step. Depending on your product and business, other networks may suit you (Google, Twitter, LinkedIn)


With your new campaign running, analyze the statistics regularly and see which one is performing better, if any of your ads are performing poorly, stop them and focus your budget only on the ads with the best results.


Your campaign may be performing well, but in the end the last step is closing the sale.

The effectiveness of this step will depend on the quality of attention you give to your clients, try to be fast and give all the information that your potential client requires, always focusing on closing the sale.

Talk to your marketing and sales team, establish a plan that includes these steps and you will surely see results in the short term.

If you need any advice or support in any of these steps you can contact us here or via email at [email protected]

Hubert A. Thompson

CEO & Director of Operations of Business Continuity Digital World
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