How to do content marketing effectively?

You've probably heard the saying: "content is king." And it's true, as more and more people connect to get answers, content marketing becomes more important to the success of your business. We give you some recommendations to start your content marketing strategy:

1. Have a plan and know your audience

Having a plan is always the first step, this will make the content marketing of your business much more specific and consistent.

Identify what the purpose of each type of content will be and its value to readers. Then research what specific audience would be the ideal for this content. With this you will have a clearer idea of ​​what content to write, the tone of the content, when and where it should be published.

You won't get a lot of sales and conversions if the content you share with your customers deals with topics that they don't care about or can't relate to.

When creating content for your audience, keep your content relevant to the industry you are in and focus on how your company's products or services can help solve a consumer problem. You can use different analytics tools like Google Analytics and Facebook Insights to get an idea of ​​the demographics of your website or social media visitors.

Write content pieces that address each person's questions and concerns and interests.

2. Know when and where to post.

You can write the best blog post of your life, but if it's posted on a site or on a social media platform that your audience doesn't use or at a time when most of your audience isn't connected, it's likely not seen by many people.

If your company does not have an administrator or department dedicated to digital media, most of the analysis tools of websites and social networks will have a function in which you can see the most popular and least popular times that visit their site and the social media channels, and where your users come from.

Knowing your audience will also give you insight into which industry / business websites and blogs they regularly visit and which social media channels they use to interact with each other.

3. Quality over quantity.

It can be tempting to continually bombard content. Your audience, however, doesn't want more content, they want quality content that is interesting, valuable, and informative.

Visitors to your site come because they trust you and believe that you will answer their questions or address their concerns. A lot of low-quality content will only take up space and viewers won't bother to read it. High-quality posts will get more attention, engagement, and actions, which should be the goals of a strong content strategy.

4. Experiment and Mix the content.

There are many ways to share content online. Text is the most popular and long-awaited form of content, but there are many things you can do with images and videos.

Video is becoming a popular content medium that companies are starting to use more. By having a variety of content, you increase your company's chances of reaching more people.

What type of content gets you the most traffic? Measure and analyze the results of the content you publish.

Does your audience love Tutorials, Inspirational Stories, Videos articles? Focus on producing content that attracts the most views and interaction. Don't forget to keep changing the content.

5. Focus on people, not search engines.

The objective should not only be to get more visits or likes, this is just a reward for doing things correctly. Focus on giving valuable content to your users, contributing to solve the problems they have is what will really give you long-term benefits, and regardless of the marketing “technique” you use, you will always have positive results.

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