5 smart moves for new bloggers

The feelings you have when starting your first blog can probably be described as equal parts exciting, confusing, and scary. While it will be great to finally have a platform to share your thoughts, ideas, and information, you probably also understand that the process of launching and maintaining your blog will not be an easy task.

Although building and growing your blog on a successful site can be quite difficult, there are several smart moves you can make early on to set yourself up for future success. Here are five smart moves all first-time bloggers should make while launching their blogs to facilitate success later on.

1. Identify your niche audience

One of the biggest mistakes a blogger can make is neglecting their blog's niche. When you start out without a target audience in mind, it becomes increasingly difficult to develop a target audience over time as you create more content.

Before you even start looking at possible designs for your blog, consider who your target audience will be and how your content will appeal to them. What ideas do you have to offer and who could benefit the most from them?

Perhaps recent college graduates would enjoy your humorous posts in post-graduate life. Maybe working moms could benefit from his time-saving hacks and productivity hacks. Find your niche audience and tailor your site design, content, and social media efforts to meet their unique needs and interests.

2. Invest in solid web hosting

Although the free hosting offered by website template providers can appeal to a first-time blogger on a minimal budget, it's important to remember that spending a small amount of money per month or year on hosting will help you build a secure site. and high performance with a custom .com domain that will be important for brand recognition later as you work to promote your blog on third party platforms.

If you are not familiar with the hosting industry, it can be a bit difficult to fully understand your options without doing your research.

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3. Tracking user behavior

Understanding how your blog visitors behave once they land on your site will help you understand how you can keep them on your site longer and see your content again later. This is why it is important to get the help of analytics tools early and often to understand your site visitors and what they want and need from you over time.

There are many tools that you can use to assess the behavior of your site visitors, such as heat maps, AB tests, and surveys.

Instabug provides a robust list of user behavior tracking tools if you are unfamiliar with tracking website visitors. One of the most basic and complete is Google Analytics , it is a free tool and one of the best on the market. We can help you in the installation of this tool and offer you summary reports direct to your email weekly here.

4. Monetize your content

One of the most important things to do up front to make sure your blog has a chance to make a profit for you, that is, monetize your content. This essentially means that you implement sponsored content like relevant ads and affiliate links on your site.

A couple of the most common methods bloggers use to monetize their sites include Google AdSense and Amazon Affiliates.

AdSense is an ad platform that runs display ads on your site and pays you when users on your site click on one of the ads.

Amazon Affiliates uses promotional links on its site to promote products within its content. For example, if you are a mommy blogger writing about the best baby monitors, you could use an Amazon affiliate link for baby monitors that recommends monetizing your article.

These are just two of the many ways you can monetize your blog. I recommend reviewing this guide to learn more about your options.

5. Use third-party platforms to promote yourself

Once you've created an optimized site with solid hosting and a target audience, it's time to get out there and promote your blog on third-party platforms. This is an absolutely essential step, as potential audience members are unlikely to find your site through search engines when it is new.

One way to promote your site is to exchange content with other bloggers. Get your ideas to fellow bloggers within your niche and offer to write a post or two for them in exchange for a byline promoting your blog.

Social media will also be essential. If your platform of choice is Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or all three, investing in social media advertising is essential for bloggers looking to reap the full benefits of social media promotion.

We recommend contacting the Catalog of Services , a platform to promote businesses and projects. Distribute your content in various niches so that your site is promoted to the public that is interested in your content.

If you're not sure where to start with writing a social media marketing strategy, I recommend contacting us so we can advise you .

We hope these five moves will help your site be profitable and successful in the future. Are you an experienced blogger with a suggestion you want to add? Share it with other readers below!

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