Business continuity plan: A Digital Approach

With the high risk of infection from the Corona Virus (COVID-19), it is necessary to take precautionary measures to protect our equipment and at the same time keep our businesses running. From implementing online meeting and communication tools to digitizing services or products and selling them online. We offer you a guide and the necessary tools to succeed even in times of adversity.

The actual situation

Covid-19 the pandemic that can change the way we work as we know it. The virus triples the number of infections every day. The WHO raises the alert to the maximum level so that each affected country applies the measures at the scale of its contagion situation. Italy, the second country most affected by covid-19, takes extreme measures that lead to the closure of the company, cancellation of flights and the prohibition of meeting people in public places and I urge the population to stay in their places of residence, thus creating a strong impact on the economy of this European country. These same measures could be taken by Latin American countries if the increase in infected continues.

Actions to implement in your business

A Business Continuity Plan is a plan of action that a company implements that can be relied upon in the event of an emergency, when stress and the stakes are high. Not all businesses are the same, but everyone can take advantage of digital media in their business continuity plan either in:

  • Communication and organization with your team
  • Market your services and products
  • Quotes, Product Delivery, Online Payment and Invoice Sending

Business Continuity Digital World offers you free advice and tools to digitize your business, market it and charge online.

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