5 Reasons to send holiday postcards to your customers

As the end of the year approaches, business tasks absorb us completely, year-end plans, next year's plans, budgets etc ... but many times we forget one of the oldest and most noble traditions. Send festive end of the year postcards to our clients. To do this there is no better way than a virtual holiday postcard. Here we will give you 5 reasons to add it to your digital marketing strategy.

More than a communication tool, it is a loyalty tool

Holiday postcards are the most effective way to increase the loyalty of your consumers. During the period just before the holidays, it is an essential element that you should consider in your email marketing strategy.

A way of talking with your customers that can be segmented and measured

The first rule of marketing is to be able to measure the results of your actions and digital tools allow you to do it effectively. You can segment who it is sent to and measure its impact.

A marketing technique that generates return

Studies have shown that sending holiday letters is a marketing technique that can increase the ROI of every dollar invested by up to 39%. (Power of Direct Marketing, DMA)

A good way to differentiate yourself from your competitors

In these times we must do everything possible to attract and keep our potential customers. That is why we must try twice as much and be more creative when preparing our holiday postcards.

Green and eco friendly marketing concept

One of the greatest advantages of digital holiday postcards is that they do not require the use of paper, long hours of printing and inverted gallons of inks are in the past. With a digital postcard, you can send your best wishes in just minutes!


Sending a holiday postcard is a great tool for reminding people how much you appreciate them. Additionally, it can be a relevant source of statistics to help you judge the overall marketing performance of your business.

If you need support we have an end of the year promotion with holiday postcards for your clients from $ 50.00 ready to be sent to your clients. If you are interested, you can access the following link and request your digital holiday postcard. Holiday cards for your clients

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