To have your website online not only requires the development we do one that also requires

  • A domain - name with which your website will be accessed, for example
  • A web host - server where your website files will be hosted.

We can reserve and manage your domain and web hosting with our providers, however there are a number of providers that you can get on the Internet if you want to manage it independently.

Times vary depending on the content and complexity of the website, generally the estimated time is 1 to 6 weeks

Communication is a priority issue for us, we periodically keep you informed of the development or maintenance status of your website at least once a week.

Our clients are the owners of their websites, both their design and their content and are free to decide the future of their website, our policies are:

  • For self-managed websites delivered: if you want to change provider or hosting, we provide access for the new provider to perform the migration.
  • For maintenance plans: the months proposed at the beginning of the service must have been fulfilled, after this time, our support must be communicated [email protected] 2 months in advance. We will migrate to your new web hosting provider at no additional cost.

Prior to consulting, you must complete the prerequisite form where we will ask for basic information and some general questions to understand your project or business and its needs.

After the advice, we will give you a list of sections so that you can send us their content, we will request:

  • Texts of each section
  • Photos if available, or references to use our image bank
  • Logos
  • Contact information (phone numbers, desired emails, physical address)

We have content providers that can help you make the texts, just let us know and we will proceed to include it within your contracted services.

If you do not have photos of your liking for the website, you have 2 alternatives

  • You can give us references of the photos that you are looking for or that you want to include on your website, we will use our photo and image bank to find one that is similar at no additional cost.
  • Among our suppliers we have photographers who can provide the service in a personalized way, taking photos of your premises and your products or services. Just contact us and we will proceed to include it in your contracted services.