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Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity Policies

Essentially, policies underpin an organisations approach to business continuity. They define the fundamental practices, values and culture throughout the enterprise. They are usually linked closely with information security policies... both addressing the basic defence requirements to ensure the stability and continuity.

It is therefore essential that they exist, are up to date and are very comprehensive in their coverage.

An excellent set of pre-written (and ISO 17799 compliant) policies, and an extremely effective desktop delivery mechanism can be obtained from Security Policy World. These embrace all aspects of information security, INCLUDING Business Continuity.

Alternatively, a full policy license can now be obtained directly from HERE ..... only $595 (approx 390 UKP) for unlimited use within your organization.

The bottom line, however, is to ensure that unambiguous disciplines exist, essentially a framework, to ensure that sound continuity practices are adopted and maintained throughout the organization.

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