2 “recurring” dividends that come out of a crisis and increase by 88% and more

OWhen a storm hits the market, we dividend investors can protect our wealth and get regular payouts when we buy stocks backed by strong recurring income.

It is one of the oldest business models around! Here’s how it works: Customers pay for the services these companies provide every month, every year, or whatever, which makes them predictable and, ideally, growth–benefits.

Plus, these payments are “sticky”: once buyers start making them, they’re quickly “out of sight, out of mind,” automatically tapping into their bank accounts (or credit cards) on a regular basis. .

(I’ll show you two such companies in a moment, one of which is converting its recurrent income in a recurrent payment that has soared 88% in just two years. Another pays a group of lucky buyers an astonishing 22.2% return!)

If this all sounds simple, that’s because it is. And you can find the best “recurring income” buys by looking for three “must-haves” (plus a premium product that customers can’t live without, of course!):

  • A growing dividend, which tends to drive up a company’s share price. In times of crisis, a rising payment is a sign of a healthy business, which attracts frightened investors.
  • Profits up (and even better free cash flow, a snapshot of cash generation that cannot be manipulated) to support this increase in payouts and, therefore, our advantage.
  • A safe distribution rate: I require that “regular” stocks (i.e. those that are not part of the real estate investment trust market) pay no more than 50% of free cash flow in the form of dividends.

You can give yourself an extra boost when you buy recurring income stocks just as they are forged, as we will see next.

Buy during this rare “window” for big potential

For businesses, the switch to subscriptions is a classic case of short-term pain for long-term gain: their revenue will plummet as they “crack” a 12-month sale instead of getting it in a single transaction. .

And if you buy during this transition, before the mainstream crowd realizes what is happening, you can indeed set yourself up for some very nice gains.

For example, at some point over the past decade, you’ve probably heard of the shift to subscriptions on Adobe (ADBE).

In 2011, when the company launched its Creative Cloud service (or subscription-based graphics software), less than 20% of its revenue was recurring, according to research firm McKinsey, so most of its users were still buying one-off software packages. . Fast forward to its fiscal fourth quarter, which ended Dec. 3, 2021, and recurring revenue made up 93% of the total.

Adobe’s smooth-as-silk recurring revenue stream

The stock followed the shift, initially flattening out and then climbing to a nearly 1,900%+ gain, even with the success of tech stocks over the past few months.

Subscription change ignites Adobe stock (once the crowd gets the hang of it)

I can’t recommend Adobe today, as it trades at 46 times forward earnings (and pays no dividends!). So we’ll take our hats off to our lucky Adobe buyers and look to other “sticky” companies, like the two we’re going to talk about now.

#1 Recurring Revenue Pick: “Boring” Stock That Just Started a Subscription Switch

Subscribers to my Hidden returns service see an Adobe type change of Carrier Global (CARR), a heating and air conditioning company that has partnered with Amazon.com (AMZN) on its recently released Lynx digital platform.

For 106 years, Carrier has sold its HVAC products on a transactional basis. Sell ​​an air conditioner, get the money back, rinse and repeat. With its partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), it pivots to the magic of subscriptions.

Here’s the gist of the partnership: consider the fact that we lose 475 tons of food each year to improper refrigeration, according to the International Institute of Refrigeration. (Yes, they have a trading company for everything.)

Enter Lynx, with a mission to provide customers with visibility across the entire “cold chain” (big term), helping with things like:

  • Associate food producers with ideal refrigerated trucks for transport,
  • End-to-end route planning, and
  • Prevent spoilage through its visibility and ability to access the entire supply chain.

The moniker “platform” is what should warm our hearts as investors, because “platform” is just another way of saying “recurring income.” (I learned this when pitching venture capitalists for my first startup a decade ago. Always say you’re building a “platform” and you’ll get the VC’s attention!)

88% Payout Rise Draws Investors Into Hot and Cold Markets

In the meantime, the company continues to, uh, deliver for us Hidden returns members on the dividend front. It doesn’t get much attention from the earnings crowd due to its low 1.1% yield, but that masks its strong payout growth: Carrier increased its dividend by 25% in December and 88% in over the past two years only.

These dividend hikes help throw a floor under the stock price in tough times, as the company’s growing payouts attract new investors. They also give it an extra boost when the markets (inevitably) go up.

Recurring Income Pick #2: A REIT that has quietly built a safe 22.2% dividend

REITs, which lease space ranging from warehouses to office buildings and shopping malls, are the quintessential recurring income stocks, due to the regular rent checks their customers pay. A good corner of the space to play right now is self-storage, which is benefiting as people load up on consumer goods.

Self-storage REITs ExtraSpace Storage (EXR) is at the heart of this trend: it yields 2.7%, which is already 100% more than the average S&P 500 stock, but has increased its return by 650% over the past decade. In other words, if you bought then, you would reap an incredible 22.2% return on your original purchase.

We can see EXR’s growing payout pulling its stocks higher – the pattern is unmistakable:

EXR Recurring Revenue Drives Explosive Growth in Payments (and Prices)

ExtraSpace can easily maintain that turnover, with its high occupancy rate of 97% and its dividend representing a reasonable 77% of the FFO midpoint forecast for 2022 (which is low for a REIT that really only has to distribute keys and keep dust on the shelves!). Additionally, management expects EXR’s FFO to grow 13% this year, moving into the middle of its guidance range for the year.

7 actions that Love a crash (and are willing to jump 15%+ per year in any Marlet)

Let’s be honest: investing hasn’t been much fun lately. It seems like just when we think the market has bottomed out and it’s safe to buy again…he’s taking another leg down.

But you and I know the answer is do not will cash. This cuts off your dividend stream and exposes your savings to the ravages of inflation.

This stock-picking market is perfect for us

Instead, we need to stick to our dividends and, against the tide that we are, we will buy more. But today more than ever, we need the right dividend payers. Sitting in an index fund and hoping for gains has been a recipe for big losses in 2022, and it will be for the rest of the year, at least.

But this market of stock-pickers is perfect for mavericks like us! And I have 7 “Hidden Yield” stocks that I have handpicked hand returns you 15%+ per year in all market weather!

I call them “hidden return” stocks because they pay us in a way that goes beyond the current yield – the aggregate number most people look at when evaluating a dividend. They are all cheap now and spring for their next higher step.

Hidden-return stocks are “dividend rubber duckies”

As we saw with Carrier, judging a stock by its performance alone is a mistake because current performance hides other factors, such as growing distributions and share buybacks, which inflate dividends (and stock prices). actions with them)!

Enter the 7 actions I have for you here. They rain money on shareholders through high, safe and growth payouts and share buybacks, all of which support their stock prices during a pullback and give them an extra boost when the markets go up!

I call them “dividend rubber ducks” because their rising payouts mean you can’t cut them (and when they go down, it’s a wonderful buying opportunity).

These are the perfect businesses to own now, and I can’t wait to show them to you. Click here and I’ll give you all the details on my 7 ‘Hidden Yield’ stock picks, including their names, symbols, a full breakdown of their dividends, my in-depth analysis of their operations and more.

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