Almost unanimous opinion to reject the proposal to increase the price of gasoline

Abul Kasem Khan said industries will inevitably bear the brunt of any price hikes in the energy sector, and this could indeed pose a challenge, if not an obstacle, to what everyone hopes will be a speedy recovery. and sustained economy in the post-Covid period.

He therefore views any move to raise the price of gas right now as the “wrong strategy”.

“The figures in question would increase the cost of production by up to 15% on average, across all sectors. This is not what you want when you consider your locally produced products to be competitive in the international market and, hopefully get some big orders for export,” Khan said.

Humayun Rashid, also Managing Director and CEO of Energypac, said, “This would create a bottleneck in efforts to create the new jobs that will be needed to accommodate all workers seeking to re-enter the workforce. on the other hand, not raising the price of gasoline would further contribute to the economy by pushing the overall level of employment up to pre-pandemic levels and hopefully beyond.”

Arun Karmaker blamed any crisis that may arise in the country’s hydrocarbon sector as the inevitably bitter fruit of a long culture of corruption and inefficiency that still prevails today.

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