Are nano spray gun disinfectant liquids safe?

NANO spray guns are commonly used at home and in the workplace during this current Covid-19 pandemic to spray disinfectant. But disinfectant liquids available on the market should be investigated by the Ministry of Health. The Penang Consumers Association (CAP) urges the ministry to urgently tackle this problem due to the widespread use of nano spray guns.

Ministry information on disinfectant fluids used in these weapons is scarce, but these fluids are readily available. Many of them do not declare the ingredients on their labels and some are content to boast of “active ingredients proven against listed viruses” by the World Health Organization (WHO), the Department of the Environment and even the Ministry of Health.

Although chemicals may have been declared safe and effective by various agencies and organizations, they should also be treated with extreme caution as the ‘safety’ aspect of a chemical depends on the duration of exposure as well as its exposure. concentration in the carrier liquid. . Additionally, a person can have an adverse reaction to a particular chemical in the liquid.

Some of the liquids sold do not even have an appropriate warning label, handling instructions, the name of the manufacturer or distributor, or the ingredients and their strengths. We do not know how and where these liquids were prepared and bottled, or by whom.

We are concerned as some people have used the spray gun to discharge the aerosolized liquid all over their body and there is no indication if it is safe. Inhaling the aerosol can be harmful to the respiratory system, or the liquid can come in contact with the eyes and mouth, which is certainly dangerous. Also, is it safe to spray on a surface intended for food?

Some traders claim that the liquid they sell is safe enough to be sprayed all over the body. People can innocently share this on social media, giving others wrong information.

We therefore reiterate our appeal to the Ministry of Health to publish as quickly as possible information on nano spray guns and the disinfectant liquids they use. It would be helpful if this information were in the form of a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) so that the layman can easily understand them.

Nano spray guns are popular items because they are seen as a viable disinfection method for personal use. So people need to know if the chemicals they contain are safe.



Penang Consumers Association

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