Financial Affairs

Goldman Sachs analyst says stock in Charles Schwab & Co. is a “ conviction ” buy, after another year Goldman moved its wealth model to Schwab’s.

The New York investment bank researcher said Wall Street does not understand how valuable the discount broker’s franchise will be as interest rates begin to normalize. Note from Brooke: If I were to attribute car brands to financial brands, I’d be safe in saying that Goldman Sachs is a Mercedes …

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Andrew P. Napolitano at Easter

Andrew P. Napolitano – Alfred Lord Tennyson (1809-1892) When American settlers were oppressed by British governance, the word most often used in brochures, editorials, and sermons was not “security” or “taxes”; it was “freedom”. Yet two intolerable acts of Parliament so violated personal freedom that they irreparably severed ties with …

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‘I need this in my life’

hand warmer for bread bowl Panera Bread has a new solution for cold fingers: Bread Bowl Hand Warmers. This is the premise behind the channel’s latest promotion. Panera recently announced the release of a limited line of bread bowl shaped hand warmers. The winter accessory, which really looks like the …

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