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Emerging IoT Trends in Transportation Market by Major Key Players – Garmin International Inc., IBM Corp., Denso Corp., Thales Group, General Electric, Verizon Communications Inc.

Market Research Inc latest study, titled “Global IoT in the transport market”To help readers to accurately estimate the growth rate of the global market over the forecast period (2021-2028). Our research team methodically carried out quantitative and qualitative assessments of transport IoT market dynamics, considering a large number of features …

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Greenpeace, Marketing and Advertising News, AND BrandEquity

Amid efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, a new report from Greenpeace has revealed that giant FMCGs are boosting the expansion of plastic production, which threatens the global climate, communities and ecosystems of the world. whole world, including India. The report titled “The Climate Emergency Unpacked: How Consumer Goods Companies …

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Zimbabwe: Quelea birds invade Kwekwe

Liberty Mupanedemo – Midlands Office A flock of quéléa birds invaded Kwekwe district, prompting wheat farmers to send an SOS to the government for chemicals to minimize losses. Kwekwe is one of the largest wheat producing districts in the country and is home to President Mnangagwa’s family farm. The herd …

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