Customs Commissioner congratulates staff on good work in 2020

Retired Colonel Kojo Damoah, the Customs Commissioner appreciated the considerable efforts of the various sectoral commands to exceed the revenue targets to the tune of 1.6 billion cedis in 2020.

“This is no small achievement considering the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on many economies and for ours, which depended primarily on import and export,” he added.

The Customs Commissioner during a familiarization visit to the Western Command called for continuous improvement and vigilance at the borders to save the country from leaks.

By 2021, the Commission is expected to raise more than 65 billion cedis for the development of the country.

Retired Colonel Damoah told the military that the goal was an opportunity for them to work harder and exceed the budget estimate.

“I am working hard to improve the working conditions of staff and vehicles so that we can collect more and have more for ourselves,” he added.

The Customs Division, he said, worked with three main mandates: Trade, Security and Revenue and encouraged the men and women of the Commission to pay more attention to internal security and the transport of prohibited goods.

“We have the privilege of being part of the national security architecture and therefore we must be careful and careful in our border controls to avoid the intrusion of drugs, weapons and others.”

He said the country’s religious tolerance must promote the development of surveillance trade, and officers have the greatest responsibility to preserve the peace through proper surveillance and vigilance.

Deputy Commissioner Gloria Farmah, Area Commander, Takoradi Collection Customs Division, said the integrated customs management systems, although without difficulties, had contributed to the success and praised the core team for their success. regular engagement.

The Takoradi command, has so far collected 293.05 million cedis between January and June 2021.

She said containers have also increased from 4,522 to 5,368, which is an increase of 18.7.

The deputy commissioner said a special task force, specialist product training and elite review team have been formed to maximize revenue.

The command, she said, had undertaken a number of projects with the support of the commissioner’s self-assisted projects.

A new cenotaph was then inaugurated.

The commissioner is expected to make stops in various industries including TACOTEL, Keda industries, Western Diamonds and the port of Takoradi.

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