Drones will play an important role in monitoring development in India: PM Modi

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi during the inauguration of ‘Bharat Drone Mahotsav’ at Pragati Maidan highlighted how drones will play an important role in all sectors in India. “Whether it’s disaster management, agriculture, surveillance, media or tourism; drones will revolutionize the way services are provided to the public and also make life easier while providing government services,” Prime Minister Modi said. He mentioned that about 65 lakh property maps were issued after drones helped with digital mapping. “Drone technology removes human interference in agriculture while providing government services.”

“I rely on drone video footage to track the development of the regions,” PM Modi added. He pointed out that drones can play an important role in monitoring development across the country in real time without requiring field workers to physically visit locations.

PM Modi also called on startups and manufacturers to make India a hub for drone technology. “We have reduced unnecessary rules and barriers to drone adoption in the country. Drones can help with policing, traffic management, planting new trees in remote areas and more … drones will change the way our country works Drone will help in the provision of technology driven services across India,” he said.

Regarding the new drone rules, after the government banned the import of drones in India, the Ministry of Civil Aviation has made another major change to the new drone laws in the country. In fact, it has made it easier for people to fly small drones legally for non-commercial purposes. The government has now announced the Drone Rules (Amendment), 2022, which state that the Remote Pilot Certificate (previously it was called license) will not be required to fly small to medium sized drones until 2 kg for non-commercial purposes.

In addition, those who fly drones weighing more than 2 kg or for commercial purposes no longer need to obtain a “remote pilot license” to fly legally. Instead, they just need a remote pilot certificate. This certificate can be issued by an approved remote pilot training organization to anyone, in accordance with the new law. This is a major step to make things easier for drone enthusiasts in the country. Also, it is expected to give a boost to drone deliveries in the country.

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