From the financing of euthanasia to the management of people “ at extreme risk ”: the neglected elements of the 2021 budget

The End of Life Choices Act will come into force in November, which will put in place the safeguards and processes outlined in the legislation. In Budget 2021, $ 11.8 million is allocated to implement Assisted Dying Services through June 2022.

The budget also includes funds to keep people “at extreme risk”, like the Christchurch Mosque terrorist who was sentenced to life behind bars, under maximum security.

The Extreme Risk Prisoners Unit, set up four months after Brenton Tarrant murdered 51 worshipers in March 2019, has received $ 6.4 million over four years to “continue to effectively care for and manage” high criminals. risk.

The 2019 Christchurch terrorist attack deeply shocked the country and, in December, The Royal Commission made 44 recommendations covering both national security and broader social community issues, to help victims heal and prevent a similar atrocity.

More than $ 4 million has been committed to “build community confidence” in response to the survey’s recommendation to create an implementation monitoring advisory group.

An additional $ 2 million will be spent on establishing a counterterrorism unit within the police to coordinate prevention work, including “providing comprehensive services and support to people at risk of radicalization “.

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