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While for most grain industry participants, the 2019 grain import program seems like a distant memory, for those who manage strict import protocols, the program has just ended.

The Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Water and the Environment (DAWE) authorized Manildra to import wheat from Canada for use in its Nowra Gluten Manufacturing Plant due to a lack of proper domestic supply.

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However, in order to protect Australian grain producers from a range of potential biosecurity forays, very strict conditions have been placed on potential grain imports under the DAWE Bulk Grain Import Program.

And the ministry said with the recent shutdown of the program that it had been a success, without any violation of the country’s biosafety status.

As part of the program, DAWE assessed a number of factors in terms of individual requests in light of its biosecurity policies and import conditions.

This helped him manage the associated biosecurity risks from start to finish.

The process began with the assessment of the merits of the import request through to the logistical issues related to risk management during importation, and then to the required post-import work, such as decommissioning sites that have been subject to imported and continuous surveillance to ensure the absence of exotic pests or diseases. were unintentionally imported.

Throughout the program, the Department monitored the end-to-end movement of grain to verify continued compliance with import conditions.

Once completed, transportation, equipment and facilities were decommissioned, removing residues of imported grains so that they could safely return to domestic grain handling.

This involved flushing the grain handling systems with domestic grain and deep cleaning.

The ministry oversaw these processes and carried out inspections when completed.

And with the program now complete, DAWE said the system has held up well, helped by good cooperation within the industry.

A spokesperson for DAWE said the ministry appreciates industry and stakeholder engagement on this issue, as well as Manildra’s cooperation.

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