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Amid efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, a new report from Greenpeace has revealed that giant FMCGs are boosting the expansion of plastic production, which threatens the global climate, communities and ecosystems of the world. whole world, including India.

The report titled “The Climate Emergency Unpacked: How Consumer Goods Companies Are Fueling Big Oil’s Plastic Expansion” prepared by Greenpeace USA, released on Tuesday, claims that rapidly evolving consumer goods companies (FMCGs) are collaborating with the fossil fuel industry around the world to oppose legislation that would restrict single-use packaging.

He alleged that they jointly argued for bogus solutions such as “chemical or advanced recycling”.

“As some of the biggest buyers of single-use plastic packaging – which is the largest end-use of virgin plastic in the world – fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) giants including Coca-Cola, Nestlé and PepsiCo are behind the expansion of plastic production. , and this expansion threatens the global climate as well as communities and ecosystems around the world, ”says the report.

This report is growing in importance as the Indian government has committed to phase out single-use plastic by 2022.

“We expose the commercial links and joint lobbying efforts between consumer companies and the oil and gas industry, and denounce their lack of transparency regarding reporting on plastic emissions and their failure to drastically reduce the use of plastic. ‘single-use plastic packaging. In addition, we urge these companies to stop fueling climate change and the plastic pollution crisis by phasing out single-use plastic and turning to reuse systems and unpackaged products, ”the report said.

According to Marian Ledesma, zero waste activist for Greenpeace Philippines, “Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Nestlé and other consumer goods companies are rushing to publicize their climate commitments to reduce emissions, but the report outlines how they are actively fighting against climate action and contribute to the climate crisis. through production and their links to the fossil fuel and petrochemical industries.

Ledesma said that in countries like India where extreme weather events due to the climate emergency have had a critical impact on communities and food systems, “it is having dire consequences.”

Commenting on political developments in India, Ledesma added that the recently announced plastic waste management amendment rules, which ban the manufacture, import, storage, distribution, sale and use of several plastic items for single use from July 1, 2022, lack accountability and transparency. for human rights or environmental violations committed by these plastic packaging companies.

“The pouches and packaging that these companies produce for snacks and other products are ubiquitous in India and parts of Southeast Asia as a means of marketing products targeting low-income households. To protect its people and its environment, India needs stricter policies to ensure an urgent move away from single-use plastics and transition to reuse models, ”said Ledesma.

She said the situation in Southeast Asia and India is alarming as it is, with the region leading the rankings for fossil fuel emissions.

“The increase in production would make it worse. Several reports have repeatedly warned us of the environmental and health impacts of pollution in the region,” Ledesma said.

Greenpeace is calling on consumer goods companies to urgently move towards reuse and packaging-free systems, phasing out all single-use plastics, according to the report.

Businesses are also urged to support an ambitious global plastics treaty that addresses the entire plastics lifecycle and emphasizes reduction, he said.

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