Liquid Crafts Dragon and Bourbon NFTs will launch on October 29

Today the official launch date has been announced for the release of the Liquid Crafts Limited Edition NFT Collection – Dragons and Bourbon, October 29 at 12:00 p.m. PST. Each NFT is tied to a rare, handcrafted and unique bourbon bottle that can be redeemed like any other NFT, but also redeemed for the physical bottle at any time the holder sees fit.

This is a whole new concept that removes some of the barriers associated with investing in fine liquors. It also gives NFT collectors a chance to diversify their portfolios and take a step into this more traditional style of investing.

The Dragons and Bourbon NFT series

Liquid Craft’s first initial mint – Dragons & Bourbon (D&B), is only available in this Limited Collection for the October 29 launch. Liquid Craft has taken the most delicate, handcrafted, and one-of-a-kind bourbons and linked these bottles of liquid art to limited edition NFTs.

This fine, small-batch bourbon is made by The Heart Distillery, a team of award-winning international distillers from the beautiful and pristine Colorado Rockies. The Heart Distillery really went above and beyond to create a one-of-a-kind premium bundle that you can’t find anywhere else – a true bottle of liquid art to collect.

Fine liqueur and NFT – A perfect match?

The world of fine wines, rare spirits and liqueurs is a constantly growing market which has seen its values ​​increase by over 500% over the past ten years, as the number of collectors and potential investors try to capitalize on this appreciation has increased significantly. the same.

With the popularity of NFTs in 2021 increasing like never before, Liquid Craft has identified an opportunity for both markets to coexist and mutually benefit from each other.

Typically, the procedures involved when investing in rare spirits and fine wines include intermediate processes such as brokers and auction houses. At the same time, investors should also consider expensive (and potentially risky) shipping and secure storage. Not an easy or exceptionally smooth task for new entrants to the market.

NFT backed by valuable assets

This is where NFTs come in. Liquid Craft uses this new and widespread technology to remove these barriers and create a new wave of investment opportunities for collectors in both industries. Collectors of NFT are now able to trade tangible, physical and rewarding assets in the form of fine liquors, while traditional investors of these spirits and wines can forget about the previous hurdles they faced when making their way. engaged in this investment space.

How Liquid Craft mixes the two worlds

The basic concept of NFTs is simple, NFTs are tokens that can represent the ownership of unique items, art, music, collectibles and now unique spirits and wines. They can be traded, collected, offered, sold and resold, have only one official owner, cannot be changed, and are secured by a smart contract via blockchain technology.

By simply purchasing the NFT tied to the physical bottle, investors can use the simplicity, speed, and security of blockchain to invest in real, tangible, and valuable liquid assets. The bottle must never leave the safety of the supplier unless the harvest (buyback) is requested from the owner. The holder can exchange the cylinder once purchased or keep the NFT long term, but once requested, a redemption process takes place and the NFT is withdrawn from circulation.

Gone are the days of middlemen, auction houses and brokers. Investing in alcohol is now open to the general public through the Liquid Crafts liquid art NFTs.

Official launch of Liquid Crafts on October 29

Liquid Craft is gearing up for a big launch day on October 29, with its limited supply of D&B NFTs backed by the Small Batch Collectible Bourbon to be released in two tiers. One on the Ethereum network and the other on the Binance Smart Chain. All initial buyers will receive several rewards as part of the celebration, including drops of Liquid Crafts CRAFT Native Tokens, exclusive events, and automatic entry to all future Liquid Craft giveaways.

Liquid Craft partners with leading SEO agency Coinpresso

The team does several AMAs, pre-release promotions and has also partnered with specialist crypto marketing agency Coinpresso, as part of its marketing campaign for launch day and future releases. The initial mint is expected to be in high demand due to the collection’s limited availability and planned marketing efforts until launch on October 29.

Liquid Craft offers a new perspective on the NFT market and brings with it a game-changing experience in the more traditional world of investing in fine wines and spirits – a win-win for fans of both.


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