Mizoram reimposes import ban on pigs, pork

Aizawl: Two months after allowing the import of pigs from other states, the Mizoram government on Saturday reimposed a comprehensive ban on the import of pigs and pork products from other states and countries at the following new cases of African Swine Fever (ASF) being reported in parts of the state.

On February 1, the government had lifted a ban on imports of pigs and pork products from African swine fever-free states 17 months after imposing a ban in August 2020, as the outbreak of African swine fever African swine was more or less contained, with no cases reported since December. Last year.

The order, issued by Chief Secretary Renu Sharma on Saturday, said there would be a complete ban on the import of live pigs, fresh pork and all other pork products, including pork frozen from other states and other countries until further notice.

State breeding and the veterinary department will ensure mandatory disinfection of pig breeding premises and enforce strict hygiene measures and isolation of suspected pigs, the order said.

The department will also take measures to ensure the safe disposal of pig carcasses in accordance with the “National Action Plan for the Control, Containment and Eradication of African Swine Fever”, he said.

Intensive physical monitoring and immediate reporting of any unusual pig or wild boar mortalities to the departmental hotline numbers 0389-2336441, 9436142908, 9436151203 and 8794206212 should be carried out, he added.

“The above measures should be taken in accordance with the National Action Plan for the Control, Containment and Eradication of African Swine Fever,” the order added.

According to data released by the National Department of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine, 384 pigs and piglets have died so far since the latter part of January. Of the 384 pig deaths, 64 in Champhai district have already been confirmed ASF, he said.

Fresh pig deaths were reported in 24 villages and localities in five districts. The ASF had claimed 33,417 pigs between March and November last year, causing monetary losses to the tune of Rs 60.82 crore.

A total of 10,910 pigs were also slaughtered to prevent the spread of African swine fever last year.

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