Safe Bulkers Cumulative Redeemable Perpetual Preferred Shares Series D Reminder

On 07/22/21, Safe Bulkers Inc’s 8.00% Cumulative Perpetual Perpetual Redeemable Preferred Shares (Symbol: SB.PRD) will trade ex-dividend, for its quarterly dividend of $ 0.50, payable on 07/30/21. As a percentage of SB.PRD’s recent share price of $ 25.48, that dividend is around 1.96%, so look for SB.PRD stocks that are trading 1.96% lower – all other things being equal – when the shares of SB.PRD are open for trading on 07/22/21. On an annualized basis, the current return is about 7.86%, which compares to an average return of 4.85% in the “Shipping” preferred share category, according to Preferred Stock Channel. The graph below shows the one-year performance of the SB.PRD share against SB:

Below is a dividend history chart for SB.PRD, showing historical dividends before the most recent $ 0.50 on Safe Bulkers 8.00% Cumulative Perpetual Redeemable Preferred Shares Series D:

SB.PRD + Dividend + History + Graph

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As of Tuesday’s trading, Safe Bulkers Inc’s 8.00% perpetual cap cumulative redemption Series D preferred shares (ticker: SB.PRD) are currently up approximately 0.1% on the day. , while common stocks (ticker: SB) are up about 0.2%.

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