Several dining options at Julietta Market cited by Lexington Fire Department

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – About six businesses in Greyline Station and Julietta Market have been forced to stop cooking by the Lexington Fire Department due to poor ventilation.

According to the fire department, some of the vendors were using deep fryers and did not have the proper hood system for ventilation.

None of the businesses had to close, but they had to stop cooking that way.

Some stalls have found other ways to prepare the food without worrying about the hot fat flying away.

“The vapors from the grease, the fatty liquid that will go into the air and settle on things and create a fire hazard because if something catches fire it will spread the fire faster,” said Jordan Saas of the Lexington Fire Department.

A spokesperson for Julietta Market released this statement:

“The staff at Julietta Market are delighted that food stall owners have found ways to adapt and innovate after being quoted and are now compliant, open and ready to serve. And we will continue to work for success with the only food stand owner who has yet to choose to reopen. “

No fine has been imposed.

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