The NCC represses video reports

  • By Shelley Shan / Journalist

All TV news channels would be required to stipulate rules governing the use of videos circulating on the internet or taken via dashboards or surveillance cameras in their reporting, the National Communication Commission (NCC) said yesterday. .

Excessive use of videos collected from the internet, dash cameras and surveillance systems is one of the main issues that NCC commissioners focus on in their mid-term reviews of TV channel performance. NCC vice president and spokesperson Wong Po-tsung (翁柏宗) said. at a press conference in Taipei.

The committee is currently evaluating the mid-term performance of seven news channels – SET News (三 ç«‹ 新聞 台), EBC News (東森新聞 台), TVBS, TVBS-N, ERA News (年代 新聞 台), Next TV (壹 電視) and News from Formosa (æ°‘ 視 新聞 台).

The commission has not yet concluded any evaluations for any of them.

During the commission’s review of its license renewal application in July, Global News Taiwan (寰宇 新聞 台灣 台) pledged to stipulate rules it would apply when using videos from the Internet. or recorded via a dashboard and surveillance cameras in his reports.

He promised to submit the rules to the commission by October 15.

NCC commissioners would demand that all TV news channels under review stipulate similar rules and submit them to the commission, Wong said, adding that the rules would be considered part of the TV channel’s code of practice. information that they voluntarily respect when producing information content.

NCC commissioners have yet to engage in in-depth discussions on the fundamentals of using video collected from the internet or from dashboards and surveillance cameras, but commissioners Lin Lih-yun (林麗雲) and Wang Wei-ching (王維菁) are media experts and have studied relevant issues, Wong said.

In other news, the NCC passed changes to regulations governing approval of compliance for controlled telecommunications radio frequency devices (電信 管制 射頻 器材 審驗 管理 辦法) to improve inspections and management of wireless set-top boxes. wire.

Wireless set-top boxes are classified by the Telecommunications Management Act (電信 管理 法) as radio frequency devices, which cannot be sold to consumers without safety certification from the NCC.

The changes state that importers of wireless set-top boxes must obtain a certification label from the commission before importing such devices. They are also prohibited from allowing third parties to use the same label to import devices of the same specifications.

Importers will not be allowed to file RF device inspections for one year – up from three months now – if their certifications have been revoked or canceled for violation of regulations, the commission said.

If importers refuse or do not fully recall defective devices, they will not be allowed to request an inspection for the same devices for three years, up from six months now, the commission added.

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