These companies increased their payouts in a busy week for dividend increases

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Walgreens is one of a number of companies that have said they will increase their dividends.

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It has been an active week for dividend increases.

Alliance of Walgreens boots,

Cummins, and

Marsh & McLennan

all reported higher payouts. And many other American companies were in the mix as well, including

Goldman Sachs


Morgan stanley,

State Street,

Allied financial,

Truist Financial,


Bank of New York Mellon.

Walgreens Boost Alliance (symbol: WBA) declared a quarterly dividend of 47.75 cents per share, up one cent from 46.75 cents for a 2% increase. The stock, which returns 4.1%, has returned around 18% this year through Thursday, including dividends, compared to 17% for the

S&P 500.

Cummins (


), whose products include truck engines, declared a quarterly payment of $ 1.45 per share. That’s a 7% increase from $ 1.35 per share. The stock, which has returned 7% this year, returns 2.4%.

Marsh & McLennan (MMC), whose portfolio includes insurance brokerage, plans to increase its quarterly dividend to 53.5 cents per share, up 15% from 46.5 cents. The stock, which earns 1.5%, returned around 22% in 2021.

It was one of many financial services companies to make dividend announcements this week. Elsewhere, Goldman Sachs Group (GS) declared a quarterly dividend of $ 2 per share, up from $ 1.25 currently, for a 60% increase. The stock, which earns 2.2%, has returned around 43% this year.

Morgan Stanley (MS) said it would double its quarterly dividend to 70 cents a share from 35 cents. The stock is earning 3% and has brought in around 36% this year.

State Street (STT) said it would increase its quarterly payment by 5 cents per share, or 10%, to 57 cents per share from 52 cents. The stock, which has returned 14% this year, returns 2.8%.

Ally Financial (ALLY) declared a quarterly dividend of 25 cents per share, down from 19 cents, an increase of 32%. The stock, which earns 2%, has returned around 44% since the start of the year.

Bank of New York Mellon (BK) plans to increase its quarterly dividend to 34 cents per share, up 10% from 31 cents. The stock, which has returned around 16% this year, returns 2.8%.

Truist Financial (TFC) has announced plans to propose to increase its dividend by 7% to 48 cents per share on a quarterly basis, from 45 cents currently. The stock returns 3.3% and has returned around 18% in 2021.

Outside of financial services,

Conagra brands

(CAG) announced a 14% increase in its annualized dividend rate. This equates to a quarterly dividend of 31.25 cents per share, up from 27.5 cents currently. Shares of the food company have returned about minus 3% this year and are returning 3.6%.

Duke Energy

(DUK) plans to increase its dividend to 98.5 cents per share from 96.5 cents. That’s a 2% increase. Shares of the utility company, which return 3.8%, have returned about 16% this year.

PPG Industries

(PPG), whose products include specialty materials and coatings, reported a quarterly cash outflow of 59 cents per share. That’s a 9% increase from 54 cents per share.

The stock has returned around 20% this year. It reports 1.4%.

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