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A new platform allows you to buy stocks of top-notch paintings, but is art a wise investment?

Like casino games, art can be a fun but extremely risky way to gamble with a portion of your wallet, and returns are not strongly correlated with stocks.

September was a terrible month for stocks. Here’s what you can expect in October.

October is generally the most volatile month in the US market. Read more

Space is the place to be if you are looking for the most revolutionary actions

Space is where investors can take advantage of rapid innovation and massive expansion. Read more

These top-rated stocks allow you to profit from the booming real estate market and stay ahead of inflation.

Weak home inventories suggest continued increases in prices and rents for years to come, a positive wind for residential REITs. Read more

Energy stocks are always a buy after big gains – here are 12 to consider

Energy stocks are historically cheap while crude prices are on the rise. Read more

The struggling stock market is in dire straits

S&P 500 technical support at 4305 points is essential. Read more

Higher taxes on stock dividends would hurt middle class investors, especially retirees, much more than the rich

A bad idea that would reduce payouts, encourage short-term investment, and empower business leaders. Read more

Only 47 S&P 500 stocks fell in past year – Wall Street predicts they will climb to 54% in 12 months

Activision, FedEx and Merck are on this exchange list. Read more

ESG may not be the engine of the fresh investment money Wall Street expects

“People want to save the world, but not necessarily pay more taxes.” Read more

US consumers are gloomy about their finances and that means a recession could be near

It’s a bad sign that buyers are more optimistic about the overall economy than their own finances. Read more

Gold investors have gone super bearish, suggesting a buying opportunity is just around the corner

Mark Hulbert’s monthly market timer sentiment update includes gold, stocks and bonds. Read more

Why stocks may fall in popularity as the market’s ‘presidential election cycle’ enters its second year

Stock returns typically weaken in the second year of a US president’s four-year term. Read more

Bank stocks are cheap – here are the top 20 players in the industry

Bank stocks have soared in 2021, but are still trading lower than usual relative to the market as a whole. Read more

Anyone can say, “I’m a financial planner. Here’s how to dig deeper to say what it really means.

There are major differences between a financial advisor and a financial educator. Read more

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