Top Rated Bread Maker Finally Back in Stock at John Lewis

This bread maker is finally back in stock at John Lewis. (Getty Images)

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On the first lockdown, getting your hands on a bread maker was like finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

However, anyone who has ever smelled the satisfying smell of freshly baked bread floating around their kitchen and chopped up to smear with butter, will know the research is worth it.

If you plan on baking, a bread maker is the key to easy breads at home – especially if your muscles are already tired from Joe Wicks and you need to go from cook to teacher at home in just a little over. 10 minutes.

Fortunately, this time our research paid off, as the coveted Panasonic SD-ZB2512KXC Bread Maker – which was previously sold out – is now back in stock at John Lewis.

The retailer reported a 146% increase in bread machine sales and we’re sure that percentage will rise again, now that this The top rated gadget is available for purchase.

Simply gather the ingredients, throw them away and come back after your first task of the day, for a well-deserved warm slice of bread.

Why we love it:

This nifty bread maker drops the yeast at the optimal time so you have a hard time not getting the perfect load every time.

If you like to add fruits or nuts to your breads, you can simply add them to the special dispenser for a perfectly distributed dough that even Paul Hollywood would be proud of.

In addition, if you feel like it, you can also make cakes, jams and compotes.

The Panasonic bread maker is a John Lewis bestseller.  (John Lewis)

The Panasonic bread maker is a John Lewis bestseller. (John Lewis)

How it works:

Simply place all the measured ingredients in the bread pan, add the dry yeast to the yeast dispenser, set a baking menu and press Start.

What the critics are saying:

With over 600 five-star reviews, this really seems like a worthy lockdown buy.

  • “Why didn’t I buy one sooner ?!” Bake a bun every day. The bread also makes excellent toast.

  • “Very pleased with the bread maker. Gluten-free bread, wholemeal bread, white breads and gingerbread. I only had it for four weeks so hoping to experience it more. Lots of recipes in the instruction booklet. “

  • “Used mainly for wholemeal breads, but also for French and Italian recipes. Wonderfully cohesive breads (unlike my previous branded bread maker) with good color, height and texture. “

  • “Bread is so much nicer than store-bought bread.”

  • “I switched to this model after using another Panasonic bread maker for over ten years. I haven’t been disappointed, the results so far have been perfectly shaped, tasty breads that you can easily remove from the non-stick pan.

Buy it: Panasonic SD-ZB2512KXC Bread Maker | John Lewis £ 199.99

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