Two money lenders detained for extortion, arrested

The criminal branch of the Pune police arrested two lenders for demanding 14 lakh instead of a loan of 2 lakh given to a client. The accused also threatened to kill him and took possession of a vehicle belonging to another person who vouched for it.

The Pune Police Anti-Extortion Cell (AEC) arrested Umesh Ghare, a resident of Sinhagad Road and Sandeep Ghare, a resident of Warje Malwadi in connection with the case.

According to AEC officials, the victim needed the money and took out a loan from the duo in 2019. Umesh took a signed blank check from the victim and took possession of a four-wheeled vehicle against the loan. issued at the rate of 10 per cent interest.

The victim was unable to repay the loan on time, after which the accused asked her to pay the principal with interest for 24 months totaling 14 lakh. They went to his home, destroyed furniture and threatened his relatives with asking for the loan amount with interest, AEC officials said.

Based on this information, a police team attached to the ACS raided their premises and recovered a blank check, documents, blank papers, an Aadhaar card, stamp paper and other documents. incriminators of their possession.

AEC officials called on citizens to file complaints against the defendants, saying they were allegedly involved in large-scale money-lending activities and may have harassed many people.

Harassed citizens can turn to the crime directorate or the local police station in their residence, police said.

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