UK and EU regulators hold a press briefing on AstraZeneca-LIVE vaccine

England’s Deputy Chief Medical Officer Professor Jonathan Van-Tam said it was a “course correction” in the vaccination schedule, saying it was “completely normal” that doctors change their preferences on how to treat patients.

In a separate briefing, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) said it had found a “possible link” between the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine and blood clots, but said the benefits of the vaccine still outweighed the risks.

UK and EU regulators both gave press conferences this afternoon on the Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccine in connection with rare cases of blood clots in people who received the vaccine.

The MHRA briefing was chaired by Professor Jonathan Van-Tam, Deputy Chief Medical Officer for England, Dr June Raine, MHRA Managing Director, Sir Munir Pirmohamed, Chairman of the Human Medicines Committee, and Professor Wei Shen, Chairman of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization.

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Brazil kills nearly 4,000 in 24 hours

Brazil has recorded 92,625 additional confirmed cases of coronavirus in the past 24 hours, as well as 3,829 deaths from Covid-19, reports Reuters.

Brazil has recorded more than 13 million cases since the start of the pandemic, while the official death toll has risen to 340,776, according to ministry data.


AstraZeneca ban for those under 30 plays into the game of anti-vaccines, says Tory MP

A former Conservative leader said the decision not to offer the AstraZeneca vaccine to people under the age of 30 would disrupt the vaccine rollout and raise concerns about the vaccine.

Iain Duncan Smith, the former Tory leader, warned that the MHRA’s move would prompt people to avoid the jab altogether.

“It will make it, I’m afraid, more difficult to persuade people to take it, even people over 30 years old. Everything like that is built on trust. I don’t understand what they thought they were doing, ”he said. “And these people who are anti-vaxxers are now going to go and say, ‘I told you, we were right.’ It’s going to be very difficult and damaging. It plays into the hands of those who are doing their best to disrupt the program. vaccination. “


Germany seeks to tighten lockdown to prevent increase in Kent variant

germany Chancellor Angela Merkel is in favor of tightening restrictions on viruses for a short time to stem the rise in the number of cases, her spokesperson said.

AFP reports: Merkel supports calls for a “short national lockdown,” Ulrike Demmer said, noting that the country’s health system was under increasing pressure.

Germany has been in some form of shutdown since November, but has struggled to bring the number of cases under control in recent weeks with an increase in the UK variant of the virus.


Scotland records 5 deaths from Covid-19

Scotland has recorded five more coronavirus deaths and 289 new cases in the past 24 hours, according to the latest figures.

That brings the death toll under the measure – people who tested positive for the virus for the first time in the previous 28 days – to 7,619.

The positivity rate for daily tests was 1.5%, down from 2% on Tuesday, according to figures released by the Scottish government on Wednesday.


The Kent variant is now the dominant variant in the United States

The US director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed on Wednesday that the highly transmissible variant of the coronavirus first detected in the UK is “now the most common strain” of the virus circulating in the United States.

“Testing remains an important strategy to quickly identify and isolate infectious individuals, including those with variants of concern,” CDC Director Dr Rachelle Walensky said in a COVID Response Team briefing -19 from the White House.

The strain, officially known as B.1.1.7, has contributed to the increase in the number of cases in the United States in recent weeks as it has been found to be more contagious in young Americans, Walensky said.

Specifically, she said new outbreaks of COVID-19 were linked to youth sports and child care, and she implored states with increasing cases to suspend, or at least limit, youth sports activities. to slow the spread of the virus.


Madrid residents line up for AstraZeneca despite blood clot link

Madrid residents were generally confident about AstraZeneca’s coronavirus vaccine on Wednesday despite European and UK regulators found a potential link between the vaccine and rare brain blood clots.

“If you read the package leaflet for a medicine, there are always problems for a small number of people,” said Pilar Garcia, queuing for an AstraZeneca injection outside the Wanda Metropolitano football stadium. Atletico Madrid, which is used as a mass vaccination. center.

“I think it’s the same.”

The European Union’s medicines regulator, the EMA, said on Wednesday it reported 169 brain clots after administering 34 million doses.

“Today has been a very difficult day because of all the news coming from the European Medicines Agency,” said Carmen Ruiz, a resident of Madrid, shortly after receiving an injection.

Although she called the mixed messages from authorities “outrage,” she decided to trust the EMA’s advice that the benefits of the drug outweighed the risks.


Scientists behind AstraZeneca vaccine say they are working to ‘understand individual cases’ of rare blood clots

A statement from the drugmaker said it was “actively” working with regulators to update the drug’s product information in response to new guidelines in the UK and the EU.

Their statement read: “Updates to British and European labels for the vaccine have been requested by regulators. No agency has identified any risk factors, such as age or gender, or a specific cause for these extremely rare events. However, they felt that these events were possibly related to the vaccine and requested that they be listed as an extremely rare potential side effect.

“Overall, these two reviews reaffirmed that the vaccine offers a high level of protection against all severities of COVID-19 and that these benefits continue to far outweigh the risks.

“AstraZeneca has been actively working with regulators to implement these changes in product information and is already working to understand the individual cases, the epidemiology, and the possible mechanisms that could explain these extremely rare events.”


Tamara Ecclestone has reportedly traveled to six countries on lockdown.

Bernie Ecclestone defended his daughter Tamara for traveling the world during lockdown by avoiding UK lockdown

The former billionaire F1 boss, 90, said neither Tamara nor his sister Petra had broken anti-Covid laws by flying to different countries and had good reason to do so.

Tamara, 36, and her husband Jay Rutland recently traveled to the United States where they spent Easter in Beverley Hills. The couple have visited six countries since the lockdown began; Croatia, Switzerland, UK, Dubai, Maldives and now America.

Corn talk to MailOnline, Bernie said on Wednesday: “They’ve traveled a lot, but they haven’t broken any laws 100% in doing so. They both have homes in Switzerland to begin with, as do the residents.


Duchess of Cornwall assists Tottenham Vaccine Center

The Duchess of Cornwall helped prepare Pfizer vaccines during a visit to a vaccination center in Haringey today.

Camilla gently rocked a vial of vaccine mixed with saline on several occasions after Dr Russell Hearn invited her to join the process during a visit to the Tottenham Vaccine Center in north London.

He was told that each bottle could inoculate six people and replied, “Oh, there are going to be six! Damn, that looks tiny. I always thought you had a whole one.


Sir Keir Starmer says he’s looking forward to second jab

Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer said: “The AstraZeneca vaccine is safe, effective and saves thousands of lives.

“Trust our doctors and scientists. When it’s your turn to get the jab, do it.

“My first dose was AstraZeneca and I look forward to receiving my second dose when available.”

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